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If you’re interested in and looking for a way to improve your selling skills, Skillshub’s range of sales training courses and programs is a fantastic way to invest in your development.

We can help you to gain knowledge, skills and confidence in a wide range of areas of sales, from becoming more emotionally intelligent to improving your communication skills; our sales courses have you covered.

Browse our array of online sales training below to find out more about each program and book a course.



What is sales training?

Sales training involves helping those who carry out sales as part of their day-to-day roles or those who are interested in becoming better communicators to elevate their skills and take them to the next level. Our sales training programs aim to help learners gain knowledge on what it takes to sell and finish the courses feeling more capable and confident to do so.

Why is sales training so important?

Whether you’re in a direct sales role or involved in business development of any kind, having the skills to sell effectively is crucial to the success of both your career and the bottom line of the business you work for. If there are certain areas of selling you feel less confident in, investing in improving and honing your skills can have huge benefits for both you and your business. Not only that, but online sales training allows you to go to work feeling content and motivated as a salesperson, benefitting your wellbeing and happiness.

Which sales training course is best?

There is no set course we offer that will be the best option for all salespeople. Instead, our online sales training is designed to suit people with various levels of experience and skills, whether you need support in negotiation, phone skills, or understanding buyer types as a salesperson. You can browse through our set of courses to find the right one to benefit your skillset or provide knowledge in areas in which you lack confidence.

What are the major areas of sales training?

Our online sales training courses aim to cover the core aspects of selling as well as perfecting customer service and understanding the sales process.
Some of the main areas of sales training that our courses cover include:

• Sales negotiation
• Sales fundamentals
• Sales presentations
• Buyer types
• Sales management
• Consultative selling
• Customer service

Management skills work alongside financial skills perfectly. Learn to manage a team while managing the financial side of things. Grow in confidence and create pitches to clients or your own company, understand what makes up profit and loss and create budgets accordingly.

How can our online sales training help you?

Skillshub’s online sales courses are designed to help sales professionals at all levels of a business improve their performance and become more effective at selling in all forms. Each course has clear objectives and an outline which details the sessions involved, as well as coaching blueprints and session notes to allow you to implement your learnings in the workplace.

You can book one of our sales courses via our website, or get in touch with the Skillshub team for more information.

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