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Drive The Performance Of Your People In The Right Way

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If you lead staff then you’ll ultimately be responsible for the results that they produce.

Driving the performance of your team is a key skill that you will need to develop both to improve poor performance and to also keep your top performers motivated to continue doing a great job.

This programme will equip you with the skills to have those difficult performance related conversations and to have an approach towards managing and improving performance that will really make a difference.


This programme will help you to:

  • Understand the performance management process
  • Learn the first steps to take to tackle a performance issue
  • Approach people who have performance issues
  • Give feedback in the right way
  • Motivate your staff members more effectively
  • Hold one to one meetings with a structure and purpose
  • Develop your high performers as well as your under-achievers

Programme Outline

This programme is made up of presenter led sessions and consists of the following:

  • Managing Performance – Understanding The Process
  • How To Gain Commitment From Your Staff
  • Tackling Poor Performance
  • Review – The First Step In Tackling Poor Performance
  • The Performance Management Chat
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • The Principles Of Great Feedback
  • How To Deal With Consistent Lateness
  • How To Motivate Members Of Your Team
  • How To Run An Effective One to One Meeting
  • How To Get Action From Your One to One Meetings
  • How To Coach & Develop High Performers

Session Example

Each session comes with the following:

icon document
Action Planning
icon cheatsheet
1-Page Cheat Sheet
icon pen
Session Notes

You will also receive a coaching blueprint to help you embed the learning in the workplace.


Ordering is really simple.

The price of this course is just £19.95 per person. To order, click through to the booking form below.

For that you will have access to the 13 sessions that make up this programme.

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