Online Learning Platform

Easy To Use & Engaging. Have Your Very Own Branded Platform, With Or Without Content.
User-friendly, dynamic reporting & create your own personal learning journeys. Request a FREE QUOTE or DEMO of our learning platform or content.

Online Learning Platform

Easy To Use & Engaging. Have Your Very Own
Branded Platform, With Or Without Content.
User-friendly, dynamic reporting & create your own personal learning journeys.
Request a FREE QUOTE or DEMO of our learning platform or content.

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Skillshub on different devices

An Online Learning Platform With A
Great User Experience. Simple To Use.

If you’re looking for an online learning platform with an incredible learner experience then Skillshub is your answer.

Many of today’s learning management systems are clunky and are not fit for purpose. Skillshub is different. It has been designed by L&D professionals and not techies with the end goal of improving performance.

You can upload any type of content and in any format – there are no restrictions when it comes to this.

Our dynamic interfaces and design provides an experience rather than a system and the platform can come with or without our off-the-shelf courses.

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Skillshub’s content and online learning platform is of the very highest standard. The CPD Certification Service is proud to support and partner with this innovative and modern approach to learning and development. In our view Skillshub provides an effective solution for today’s time poor workforce which is focused on taking action and implementing learning

Martin Rowe | Head of Operations | The CPD Certification Service

Your Online Learning Platform Options

your co


Have your very own learning platform

With or without our content. You can add your own content. Branding options.

your co plus


Have your very own learning platform + bespoke development elements

With or without our content. You can add your own content. Branding options. Any tailored development requirements.



Add your learners to Skillshub and our content

Provide access to all of our content through our Skillshub platform. Monthly subscription. No ability to add content. No branding.

Skillshub Enables You To Create Personal
Learning Journeys Based On Your Needs

A personal learning journey is unique to each individual. Your learners can select any type of learning resource like an online course, a blog or a document and with 3 clicks their programme will be created and scheduled to run. This includes offline resources too like workshops to create a complete blended experience.

The learner’s line manager and L&D department can also create a unique journey for individuals or groups and push these to them as well.

Skillshub is one of the few online learning platforms that personalises the learning experience for your people.

Online Learning Platform Features

Different media used

Upload Any Type Of Content

SCORM, videos, graphics, docs –
upload anything that you need.

Learning journey

Personal Learning Journeys

Keep engagement levels high by
creating unique learner pathways.

Learning Journey

Self-Directed Learning

Our intuitive content explorer helps
learners to find what they need – quick.

Skillshub reporting

Dynamic Reporting

Company, team and individual reports.
Measures progress and adoption.


Easy Admin

Uploading content and users is simple.
Easy to understand and saves time.

Any Device, Anytime

Desktop, mobile or tablet – you
can learn on the device of your choice.

Agile Learning

Agile Learning

Sessions can be deployed very quickly
and are ideal for collaboration.

Practical learning tools

Set Up

Can be deployed very quickly based
around your timescales and deadlines.

Scale your learners


Our platform can handle millions of
concurrent users from all locations.

Multiple languages available

Multiple Languages

The platform supports multiple
languages at the touch of a button.

Customer support


We can be involved as much or as little
as you need. We’re always on hand.

Social learning

Social Learning

Supports user-generated content for
learning in the flow of work.

Measure impact of learning

Measures The Impact

Helps to calculate the ROI from
embedding the learning.

Platform gros with you

Grows With You

Want a basic platform now and
expand later? No problem.

Migration Manager

Migration Manager

It’s easy to switch from your existing
LMS to Skillshub. Hassle free and quick.


Do You Need Content As Well? We Have 650+ Online Courses

  • Management & Leadership
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Human Resources
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Health & Safety
  • Coming Soon


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Skillshub training needs wizard

There’s No Overwhelm When You Start
Using Our Online Learning Platform

You want your learners to use the platform and to start consuming content as quickly as possible.

That first impression will make or break it for you.

Faced with too much content or a confusing design will not help this!

They will invariably put it off and make a note to come back to it later.

This is why when designing Skillshub that we created a very intuitive “Getting started” pathway.

You simply select some initial topics, answer a few questions and your dashboard will get populated with some relevant content straight off the bat.

No hunting for information. The platform will do it for you.

Skillshub reporting dashboard

Dynamic Reporting That Is Helpful

Skillhub’s reporting dashboard is loved by managers, users and L&D departments!

With reporting at company, department, team and individual level it’s easy to roll up or roll down results as you see fit to gain a true reflection of usage, adoption and effectiveness.

The platform reports on everything to do with the personal learning journeys that have been set up by the learners themselves or those completed for them by their line manager or L&D. It also reports on all of the self-directed browsing and usage that the learner has completed.

What gets measured gets improved and with these metrics to hand you now have all you need to drive the engagement of your own content or the content loaded up onto the platform from third parties.

At team, department and company level you also have team engagement insights including leaderboards.

Everything you can see on the screen is clickable so finding what you need and drilling down for further detail is real simple.

The platform’s goal is to ensure that you find what you need with a couple of clicks rather than you having to work through some long winded process.

Still unsure?

Speak to one of our L&D team or use our online form to make an enquiry

02476 998 101
Platform adminstration

It’s A Breeze For Admins

Having an engaging platform for your learners is essential.

It’s just as important for your admins to have an engaging and “pain free” experience as well.

Uploading content, users, personalising, branding, reporting and everything that comes with having a learning platform, should be as easy as possible.

We appreciate that you’ve got a “day job” so Skillshub has been designed for admins as well as learners.

FAQs About Our Online Learning Platform

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