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eLearning Platform Offering a Seamless and Simple User Experience

If you’re looking for an eLearning platform with a high-quality and agile learner experience, Skillshub is a trusted platform to consider. Many of today’s learning management systems are clunky and are not fit for purpose. The Skillshub learning experience platform is different. It has been designed by learning and development professionals with the end goal of improving performance.

As experienced eLearning platform providers, we want resources to be easily accessible to all. That’s why you can upload any type of content in any format – with no restrictions.

Our dynamic interfaces and design provide a learning experience rather than a system, and the bespoke training platform can come with or without our off-the-shelf courses.


Quotation marks

I’d highly recommend Skillshub as an e-learning provider. It’s user friendly for our learners who appreciate the opportunity to fit short and engaging learning opportunities into their busy schedules. The opportunity to blend Skillshub learning with our own content helps the system feel bespoke to our organisation and make the learning relevant to our industry. It is by far one of easiest platforms to use from an administrator point of view so I can easily allocate learning and track completion in a way that doesn’t take over my entire day. Skillshub were brilliant from talking me through the platform, easy implementation, and lots of support for me and my team on the system after it launched. The team are always available to answer any questions I have, no matter how small, and respond quickly.

Aimie Sharp | Learning & Development Manager | Royal Opera House

Your eLearning Platform Options

your co


Your own learning platform provided. You can choose to utilise our off-the-shelf training content or add your own content and resources. Branding options.

your co plus


Your very own learning platform provided and bespoke development elements where you can choose to utilise our off-the-shelf training content or add your own content and resources. Includes branding options and any tailored development requirements so the platform is bespoke to your needs.



Add your learners to the Skillshub eLearning platform so they can access all of our content. Monthly subscription. No ability to add content. No branding options.

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I highly recommend Skillshub’s elearning platform and content. We are able to put our own branding on the platform, easily track usage and set-up learning journeys for staff, amongst a number of other features. As an administrator Skillshub is very low-maintenance and user-friendly, even for someone like me with limited IT skills. Our staff enjoy the variety of content along with short quizzes and useful resources to aid retention – it’s really engaging. The team at Skillshub are always really responsive.

Alastair McTavish | Learning & Development Manager | Nexia International

Do You Need eLearning Content too?

We Have 800 Online eLearning Courses Available

Our courses cover a wide range of topics and create a unique and extensive learning experience platform including subjects such as:

  • Management & Leadership
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Human Resources
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Health & Safety
  • More Courses Coming Soon


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I’m very pleased that we chose Skillshub – it was by far the easiest platform that we trialled. My staff just love all of the coaching blueprints and infographics that come with each session – they really help to embed the learning. We love the mix of content that Skillshub provides, they really grab your attention but content is only as good as the platform it’s delivered on and Skillshub trumps all others on this. We’ve made several recommendations too and all have been implemented!

Gaurav Kumar | CEO | VIP Cars

Create Personal Learning Journeys Based On Your Learners’ Needs

A personal learning journey is unique to each individual and our bespoke eLearning platform enables your learners to create these. You can select any type of learning resource, such as an online course, a blog or a document. With three clicks a programme will be created and scheduled to run. This includes offline resources too like workshops to create a complete blended experience.

Those managing learning and development also have the option to create a unique journey for individuals or groups and notify them.

Skillshub is one of few eLearning platforms that personalise the learning experience for your people.


Our eLearning Platform Features

Different media used

Upload Any Type Of Content

SCORM, videos, graphics, docs –
upload anything that you need.

Learning journey

Personal Learning Journeys

Keep engagement levels high by
creating unique learner pathways.

Learning Journey

Self-Directed Learning

Our intuitive content explorer helps
learners to find what they need quickly.

Skillshub reporting

Dynamic Reporting

CCompany, team and individual reports
to measure progress and adoption.


Easy Admin

Uploading content to your bespoke training platform and adding users is simple.

Any Device, Anytime

Desktop, mobile or tablet – learners
can use the platform on any device of choice.

Agile Learning

Agile Learning

eLearning sessions can be deployed
quickly and are ideal for collaboration.

Practical learning tools

Set Up

Training can be deployed quickly based
on your timescales and deadlines.

Scale your learners


Our eLearning platform can be scaled to handle millions of concurrent users from all locations.

Multiple languages available

Multiple Languages

The platform supports multiple
languages at the touch of a button.

Customer support


We can be involved as much or as little as you need. We’re always on hand to guide you through the world of eLearning.

Social learning

Social Learning

Supports user-generated content for
learning in the flow of work.

Measure impact of learning

Measures The Impact

Helps to calculate the ROI from
embedding the learning.

Platform gros with you

Grows With You

Want a basic platform now that you
can expand later? No problem.

Migration Manager

Migration Manager

It’s easy, hassle-free and quick to switch from your existing LMS to Skillshub.


Quotation marks

We first used Skillshub’s content with our own system and loved it and as soon as we could get out of our current contract we moved over to Skillshub’s eLearning Platform which improved engagement rates no end. What a platform you have and it completely showed that the system we were using was not up to scratch. Plus, we saved a lot of money too. Your onboarding programme and support made the whole process effortless.

Chris Jelfs | Managing Director | Breeze Environmental Ltd

Skillshub training needs wizard

Using Our eLearning Platform is Straightforward

Learners should be able to use your eLearning platform and start consuming content as quickly as possible.

Being faced with too much content or a confusing design can prevent learners from utilising your platform and lower your ROI.

Skillshub have created an intuitive pathway for learners to get started and begin their development journey efficiently and effectively.

Simply select some initial topics, answer a few questions and your dashboard will become populated with relevant content to utilise.

No hunting for information and no hassle. The platform will do it for you.


Skillshub reporting dashboard

Dynamic Reporting That’s Helpful

Skillhub’s reporting dashboard is loved by managers, users and L&D departments.

When reporting at company, department, team and individual levels it’s easy to access results to gain a true reflection of usage, adoption and effectiveness.

What does our platform reporting include?

  • Personal learning journey status of those that have been set up by the learners themselves or those completed for them by their line manager or L&D.
  • Self-directed browsing and usage of the platform by learners
  • Team engagement insights including leaderboards
  • What is measured can be improved.

With these metrics to hand you can drive the engagement of the content provided to your team


Demo our Platform

Book in for a free demo of our platform today. Alternatively, speak to our team of eLearning platform providers in the UK today over the phone or use our online form to make an enquiry and get a free quote.

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Platform adminstration

Easy Management for Admins

Having an engaging eLearning platform to offer your learners is essential.

However, it’s just as important for the admin side of learning and development to be a positive experience.

Uploading content, managing users, personalising, branding, reporting and everything that comes with having a learning platform, should be as easy as possible.

This is why Skillshub has been designed for admins as well as learners.

FAQs About Our eLearning Platform



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