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Engaging eLearning Content

If you’re looking to lease or buy eLearning content for your LMS, then we can help. Our off-the-shelf eLearning content library consists of over 800 online courses and hundreds of infographics, cheat sheets, coaching blueprints, audios and documents.

Skillshub is part of the multi-award-winning MTD Training Group. All content in our eLearning library is created by learning and development professionals and trainers with the focus on upskilling teams in the workplace.

The objective of learning is to improve performance so all of our eLearning content is designed around that principle.


What Do Skillshub’s Off-The-Shelf Courses Provide?

Our off-the-shelf eLearning content includes a mixture of styles such as motion graphics, presenter-led sessions and animations.

Motion Graphics

  • Sessions are short, punchy and to the point
  • Average duration is between 1 to 2 minutes
  • Includes a quiz to test the retention of the material
  • Ideal to get across a specific point
  • Voiceover and moving graphics
  • Engaging and attention-grabbing
  • Transcript for each session
  • One page infographic of main points
  • Coaching blueprint to help embed the learning
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Presenter Led Sessions

  • More in-depth content and themes
  • Average duration is between 2 and 5 minutes
  • Includes a quiz to test the retention of the material
  • Different presenters used for the sessions
  • Images reinforce the key messages
  • Sessions focused on providing practical tips
  • Transcript for each session
  • One page infographic of main points
  • Coaching blueprint to help embed the learning
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  • Grabs attention and focus
  • Average duration is between 1 to 2 minutes
  • Includes a quiz to test the retention of the material
  • Voiceover and moving animations
  • Practical and fun
  • Our off-the-shelf eLearning courses are colourful and engaging
  • Transcript for each session
  • One page infographic of main points
  • Coaching blueprint to help embed the learning
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Screen Share

  • Look over the shoulder presenter-led demonstration
  • Average duration is between 2 to 5 minutes
  • Specific outcome for each session
  • Voiceover and live screen capture
  • Engaging and attention grabbing
  • Ideal for “in the flow of work” help
  • Practical application using real examples
  • Learners can implement the teachings immediately
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nirpo logo

Within Nipro Europe, we choose to work with Skillshub because they offer an appealing package of elearning content which we could easily integrate into our own platform. Each course takes about 5 minutes, covers a specific topic, and is built to offer concrete action-oriented learnings to the user. As we value hybrid learning at Nipro (organised learning at a specific time combined with self-paced learning available at any time), Skillshub is really an asset within our talent development cycle.

Marjan Vreven | Senior HR Talent Manager | Nipro Group

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Our people just love your content. It’s so engaging and to the point without the waffle. The quizzes, recaps and additional learning resources really bring the learning to life and shows up the other content we have used in the past. Everything feels so up to date, modern and fresh. We also loved the way that your team developed our own courses from scratch – they have gone down a storm.

Chris Jelfs | Managing Director | Breeze Environmental Ltd

About Our eLearning Content

Many online training courses consist of long, drawn-out content that bores your staff and simply fails to engage with them.

Skillshub takes the most up-to-date research on modern-day learning methods and considers the ever-increasing workload and reducing attention span of your people to create learning that actually sticks.

We provide eLearning courses to populate your LMS, and organisations who don’t have a system can utilise our eLearning platform.

All of our courses come with a variety of resources to help your learners embed the learning and to make it a way of life for them. This will ensure that they receive real, tangible benefits on an individual level as well as improvements at an organisational level as well.



Our eLearning Content Library Topics

  • Management & Leadership
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Human Resources
  • British Values
  • Finance
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Health & Safety
  • GDPR
  • Microsoft Excel


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CPD logo

Skillshub’s content and platform is of the very highest standard. The CPD Certification Service is proud to support and partner with this innovative and modern approach to learning and development. In our view Skillshub provides an effective solution for today’s time poor workforce which is focused on taking action and implementing learning

Martin Rowe | Head of Operations | The CPD Certification Service

Popular Uses For Our eLearning Content

What do our clients use our online eLearning courses for?

  • As part of existing blended programmes
  • To help embed the learning from internal workshops
  • To use as part of internal courses
  • For managers and leaders to use with their staff
  • For learning reinforcement in the workplace
  • As a resource for learning “in the flow of work”

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Y logo

I am loving the content provided by Skillshub. While some is of course more UK based, a lot of the content covers the global experience and can be applied for our teams here in Australia. Having previously worked with a lot of US content, it is also refreshing to have a similar sense of communication styles (more laid back than in your face) and humour to get the message across.

Penny Beecham | Lead Learning & Development Specialist | The Y NSW

Why Choose Skillshub’s eLearning Content?

  • 800 Online Courses
  • Practical & engaging
  • CPD certified
  • Short and to the point
  • Action plans supplied
  • Ready made coaching questions


Quotation marks

We’ve been immensely pleased with our partnership with Skillshub!

First and foremost, their pricing is incredibly reasonable, which is invaluable for ensuring that our training budget is utilised as effectively as possible. The range and quality of content on offer complement our in-house training sessions brilliantly, and one of the standout features for us is the ability to download SCORM files – which to be honest, without this, we wouldn’t be collaborating with Skillshub at all! The system for using and tracking the content, especially with the provided spreadsheet of titles, is user-friendly and aids us tremendously in current usage and future planning.

Lastly, we must commend the Skillshub team. From setting up our account to navigating the contract, the entire process has been seamless and hassle-free. We’ve not encountered a single hiccup. It’s a resounding 5 stars for Skillshub from all of us here at Reading.

Carly Roalf | People Development Manager | University of Reading

Key Features & Benefits Of Our Content

Icon arrows

Saves Time

Sessions last a couple of minutes to
limit time away from responsibilities.

Icon Action 1-2-3

Take Away Actions

Each session has three specific
actions for learners to complete.

Icon head

Holds Attention

Better attention = better retention, which
improves buy-in to your employee training.

Icon idea

Engaging Content

Motion graphics, presenters and
animations keep learners interested.

Icon wat A to B

Practical Not Theory

Sessions focused on the most
important, practical elements.

Icon pie chart

70-20-10 Enabled

Ideal for 70-20-10 style of training
with coaching aids provided.

Icon man on mountain

Empowers Your Learners

Self-directed learning means learners
are in charge of their own development.

Icon chat

Engage All Generations

Appeals to learners who prefer concise
sessions or have a shorter attention span.

Icon devices

Any Device, Anytime

Desktop, mobile or tablet – learners
can use any device for learning.

Icon arrows

Agile Learning

Sessions can be deployed quickly
and are ideal for team collaboration.

arrow going into a bullseye

Specific, Not Broad Needs

Short, focused sessions centred
on one specific skill or behaviour.

Icon brains

Knowledge Retention

Research shows that retention
increases with shorter sessions.

Cheat sheet

Cheat Sheets

Each session comes with a one page
cheat sheet of the essential information.

Icon Calendar


Sessions are available on-demand
at your learners’ leisure.

Icon coach schema

Coaching Blueprints

Coaching questions are supplied to help
you coach and embed the learning at work.


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