We are a passionate team of
trainers and online learning experts
We employ the very best people so you receive the very best results. We’re dedicated to creating engaging and practical microlearning that will transform the behaviours and skills of your people.

We are a passionate team of
trainers and online learning experts
We employ the very best people so you receive the very best results.
We’re dedicated to creating engaging and practical microlearning that
will transform the behaviours and skills of your people.

Short Sessions. Big Impact.

Skillshub specialises in creating microlearning training content that is practical, engaging and focused on action.

Your staff can access over 350 CPD certified sessions through our LMS system or your own. We can microlearn your existing content or develop sessions from scratch.

We’re taking the most up to date research on modern day learning methods and coupling that with the reducing attention span of the modern day worker to create learning that actually sticks.

Our team of experienced trainers and online learning experts create a very powerful team.

We’re blending the most effective training content in terms of what works in the real world and we’ve designed and repackaged it in a way to make the most out of today’s technology and current work and lifestyle patterns.

We Make The Magic Happen…

Sean profile

Sean McPheat

Founder & Chief Disruption Officer

Sean is the driving force behind Skillshub. He creates the vision and strategy and ensures Skillshub is at the forefront of innovation. Sean is a sports fanatic and would love to be a WWE Superstar!

Sean profile


Head Of Microlearning

Jenny and her team make the magic happen. They take our session scripts and content, sprinkle some magic pixie dust and then create the micro magic! Loves horses, horses and err horses. Have we mentioned she likes horses?

Louise profile


Head Of Programme Management

Lou’s passion and energy for creating a memorable client experience is only surpassed for her love for shoes, horror films and Nicolas Cage. And if you can work all that out then you get a free microlearning session!

Sam profile


Microlearning Magician

Often locked away in the Skillshub dungeon, Sam is not allowed out until he creates compelling microlearning sessions! He has a passion for perfectionism and would like to think he’s a Jedi Knight. More like a Sith Lord we say…

Mairead profile

Mairead Ormsby

Microlearning Magician

Mairead is a true geek charming and techy whizz kid. She takes training content and makes it come alive with first class design. Would love to be Beyonce for a day (longer would be a bonus!)

Kelli profile


Project Expert

When Sean has a new idea, Kelli and her team run with it. Kelli is results focused and has a passion for making things run smoothly. This often involves sleepless nights and wine on tap after a hard day in the office.

Mark profile


Training Expert

With 25 years’ experience of management and sales training design and delivery, Mark is an expert in his field. He is an accelerated learning authority – if only his jokes were as brilliant as his training content…

Stewart profile


Training Expert

Stewart has a real passion for creating practical, real world training content. Having over 20 years’ experience in L&D (and living to tell the tale) Stewart would love to be a character in Goodfellas (How you doin?)

Gavin profile


Training Expert

A training authority in the week and a football linesman at the weekends. When not getting abuse from footy fans Gavin uses his 15 years of training experience to create memorable training content!

Scott profile


Training Expert

Scott has 20 years’ training experience in the private and public sector. He specialises in EQ and NLP. His is also a chocolatier in his spare time and runs a successful cake topping business with his wife. Top that!

Elane profile

Tracey Kahrman

Training Expert

Tracey has worked as a facilitator in the NHS & Local Authority for 15 years and likes to create content that gives people a real burst of enthusiasm. She loves to unwind chasing zombies, white water rafting or any crazy adrenaline experience you can think of!

Jes profile


Client Services Expert

Jess is our Director of first impressions. She is normally the first person you will speak to if you call up. She uses her liquid gold voice to good affect each and every weekend when haggling for bargains at the shops.

Sean profile

Donna Byrne

Project Expert

Donna is part of the projects team and for making things happen. She is a lover of everything 80’s – fashion, music and films. Interesting fact – she has over 100 Swatch watches!

Suzana profile

Suzanna Baynard

Finance Expert

Bean counter extraordinaire Suzanna keeps score and makes sure that the “ins” and “outs” are accounted for. She lives in the fast lane and has a passion for speed – cars, motorbikes and leathers!

Abbie profile

Abbie Mcilhone

Administration Expert

Abbie is the “go to” person if anything needs organising or arranging. That’s when she’s not selecting make up from the Chanel counter or following Justin Bieber on Twitter and Facebook!

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