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Personal Learning Journeys

The definitive guide to creating personal learning journeys and why they’re the future of L&D.

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Sean McPheat
Sean McPheat

As learning and development specialists we’re all looking for the magic bullet where our people will embed what they have learned and for it to make an impact on performance.

That’s easier said than done as most learning solutions are not tailored to the individual needs of our learners and what their preferences are.

The outcome of this is that the learning doesn’t stick and it doesn’t get implemented back in the workplace.

Creating personal learning journeys removes the sheep dip approach from the equation. It’s an approach with is unique to the each individual with a very high level of personalisation.

This FREE BOOK provides a personal learning journey roadmap template and covers how to create these journeys and why they are so important to the world of L&D.

This book will teach you how to:

  • Create personal learning journeys no matter where you are starting from
  • Understand how to create blended journeys with online and offline methods
  • Offer staff development “in the flow of work” and in their moment of need
  • Understand how artificial intelligence is and will become a game changer in L&D
  • Appreciate why you need to move away from learning management systems and instead start to use learning experience platforms
  • Understand how curated content, social content and third-party content can be used to help your people when they need it the most
Brian Tracy

“This fast-moving, state-of-the-art resource shows you exactly what you need to do to implement personal learning journeys faster than you ever thought possible. It can revolutionise your L&D department”

Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker/Consultant


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