What Is Microlearning?
Engage your staff with short, action orientated, bite-sized microlearning training sessions based on their specific development needs. More attention & interest.

What Is Microlearning?

Engage your staff with short, action orientated, bite-sized microlearning training
sessions based on their specific development needs. More attention & interest.

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Microlearning Videos, Latest Research &
Some Microlearning Examples To View

Microlearning will provide your staff with the “Must Have” skills and behaviours they need to be more effective in their role. Each session is focused on a selection of key skills delivered in quick, short bursts that make the learning memorable.

We have over 500 microlearning training courses, each session lasts for a couple of minutes and comes with a cheat sheet visual, 3 specific actions to implement in the workplace and also a coaching blueprint for the line manager of the learner so they can help them to embed the learning.

All of this increases engagement, content retention and ultimately, business results as there is a requirement to make tangible actions and changes at the end of each session.

What’s The Definition Of Microlearning?

You might be new to microlearning. If you are then this whitepaper will help you.


Learn more about microlearning with this special whitepaper.

Contents includes:

  • What is microlearning?
  • Latest research on microlearning
  • Key features and benefits of the approach
  • The DNA of microlearning
  • How organisations use it
  • Is it a good fit for your company?
  • How to create an effective session

Microlearning Examples

Click on the videos below for 3 different examples

What Is Coaching?

Motion Graphic Style

“How To Close A Difficult Conversation”

Presenter Style

“Receiving & Processing Information”

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Most Popular Examples Of Microlearning Usage


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As A Resource For “On Demand” Learning
Skillshub is ideal for “just-in-time” learning. Organisations can provide their staff with a “go to” resource, on demand, and staff can gain access to the elearning content to help them at their moment of need rather than having to wait for a formal training course or having to use Google for the knowledge that they need.
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For Use In Self-Directed Learning
Skillshub is ideal for organisations who provide learning resources for their workforce to self-select. Clients use the resources on our LMS and others use them on their own system or on their intranet. This approach is used by companies who create learning pathways and staff who are in charge of their own development.


70-20-10 pie chart
Resources To Use For The 70-20-10 Model
Clients use our microlearning videos and the resources as a formal learning tool for the 10%, as a coaching aid for the 20% and the action planning activities are ideal as part of the 70% in terms of learning “on-the-job”. Therefore for organisations who use the 70-20-10 model, Skillshub covers all of the bases on one go.
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To Help Embed The Learning At Work
Many employees are left to their own devices to embed and implement the learning after a training course or eLearning session. But it’s too important to be left to chance! Skillshub users work through relevant content and then the action planning activities to embed the learning and to take action at work.


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As Part Of Blended Learning Programmes
Some clients use Skillshub microlearning sessions in-between weekly or monthly face to face workshops as part of their blended learning solutions. They select which sessions compliment the programme objectives and use as individual training sessions or to help embed the learning from workshops that have been run.
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For Internal L&D and Trainer Resources
Internal L&D/training teams use the resources for the courses that they run. They blend sessions into their workshops and use the downloads as activities. They also use the material for coaching, mentoring and for their own self development. When approached by the business they can match training needs to specific sessions.


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As A Management & Leadership Resource
Skillshub is used as part of an “Academy” or internal “Learning Hub” where all of the managers and leaders within the organisation have access to use all of the sessions and resources as coaching aids. They schedule their staff to view a session, implement the action and then coach them on the outcomes.
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As Part Of Mobile Learning
Media companies and “high tech, high touch” organisations use Skillshub as part of their mobile learning strategy. Each of the sessions are ideal to view and consume on a mobile or tablet. The Skillshub platform itself is fully responsive and makes learning an effortless experience for the end user on any device.


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Standalone Option For Staff Development
Clients use Skillshub as an addition to what they are currently running internally. It’s something new and different. Some roll it out across the business and enable managers and their teams to self-select and some cherry pick the sessions required from development needs identified from appraisals and self-assessments.
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Pre & Post Workshop Activities
Some clients use our resources for pre-coursework before a workshop. They ask delegates to view a session and to either make some notes or take some action before a training event. Likewise, our microlearning sessions are used after an event to reinforce the learning, to help with action planning and to act as a refresher if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Microlearning

Here are some of the benefits that you can experience with our microlearning sessions.

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Saves Time

Sessions last a couple of minutes.
Limits time away from the office.

Action 1-2-3

Take Away Actions

Each session has 3 specific
actions for you to complete.

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Keeps Your Attention

Better attention = better retention.
Improves buy-in to the learning.

Icon idea

Engaging Content

Video instructors coupled with
on-screen graphic reminders.

Icon way from A to B

“Doing” Not Theory

Sessions focused on the most
important, practical elements.

Icon pie chart

70-20-10 Enabled

Ideal for 70-20-10 style of
training – coaching aids too.

Man at mountain

Empowers Your Learners

Self-directed learning means they
are in charge of their development

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Engage Gen Z & Millennials

This group want things now and
have a short attention span

Icon devices

Any Device, Anytime

Desktop, mobile or tablet – you
can learn on the device of your choice

icon arrows

Agile Learning

Sessions can be deployed very quickly
and are ideal for collaboration


Specific, Not Broad Needs

Short, focused sessions centred on
one specific skill or behaviour

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Better Retention

Research has proven that knowledge
retention increases with microlearning

Cheat sheet

Cheat Sheets

Each session comes with a 1 page
cheat sheet of the essential information

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Sessions are available and on demand
at the moment of a learning need

Coach schema

Coaching Blueprints

Coaching questions and aids are supplied
to help you coach in & embed at work

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