A Useful Personal Development Plan Template

Personal development planning is all around self-reflection and self-analysis.

It’s about being able to take a step back and look at your strengths and weaknesses so you can make a plan on how to improve them.

Many people struggle with this process.

Overall there are 3 key stages to creating a personal development plan that will actually help you.


Analyse where you are currently at.

Gather feedback and your experience to determine your strengths and areas of development.


Time to set some goals for yourself.

Make sure they can be measured!


Set some objectives that will ultimately help you to achieve your goals.


Below is a useful personal development planning template that the CMI have put together.

Whilst it’s centred around managers, it will give you a great guide to work from and provides you with real examples.

Personal Planning template

I hope it helps you!

Thanks again


PS Our online learning platform can help support your development plans. With or without content it can support you and your people to improve your performance.

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Updated on: 8 December, 2017

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