Sales Negotiation Skills
Negotiate Your Deals More Effectively & Improve Your Margins


Learn how to create commercially attractive deals that maximise your margins without leaving money on the table. This sales negotiation skills course will provide you with all of the essential knowledge and techniques that you will need.


This programme will help you to:

  • Understand the negotiation stages that are required to create a winning deal
  • Plan and prepare for a sales negotiation
  • Learn how to “give” and “take” to create a win-win outcomes
  • Propose other solutions rather than just lowering your price

Programme Outline

This programme is made up of 9 animated sessions.

  • Different Negotiation Styles
  • Managing The Discussion
  • Negotiation – A Vital Skill
  • Negotiation – Bargaining For Outcomes
  • Planning & Preparation
  • Proposing Solutions
  • Summarising & Reaching An Agreement
  • The 4 Possible Outcomes Of A Negotiation
  • The 5 Stages For A Successful Negotiation

Session Example

How To Identify A Gatekeeper Screen

Each session comes with the following:

Action Planning

1-Page Cheat Sheet

Session Notes

You will also receive a coaching blueprint to help you embed the learning in the workplace.


Ordering is really simple.

The price of this course is just £14.95 per person and you can pay by card below.

For that you will have access to the 9 sessions that make up this programme.

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