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Our HR courses are designed to help people all levels of an organisation to become more aware of and able to deal with employee wellbeing, stress and mental health to ensure an organisation is a healthy place to work. The couses equip learners with skills on important matters that fall under HR, including conflict resolution, mental health, equality and diversity, bullying and much more.

Take a look at all of our wellbeing and HR courses online below and become a more effective and professional communicator.



What is HR and Wellbeing and Why is it Important?

HR stands for human resources. Usually, a HR manager is the go-to person for issues involving employees including the recruitment process, managing an individual’s performance, training and personal issues that may arise. This is why HR and well-being go hand-in-hand as it helps to have an understanding of mental health to be able to compassionately approach an employee’s needs.

How is HR and Wellbeing Relevant to my Career?

Having interpersonal relationships with your employees or colleagues creates a great working environment. Understanding the needs of your employees can increase engagement and retainment. Skills like this are always relevant to management roles or HR roles.

How can our HR Courses Online Help Improve your Skillset?

Purchasing a course online can be a great way to learn as and when you please. Resume your course at any point, anywhere. With all your purchased courses in one place, they’re easy to access and keep organised.

What kind of Careers value HR and Wellbeing Skills?

The most obvious choice for studying HR courses online would be to use it for a role as a HR manager, however, there are many other career options available with a CPD accreditation. Payroll specialists handle employee accounts such as retirement and health insurance, you are responsible for calculating payment amounts, salaries and fixing payment errors. You can also use the qualification for careers involving life coaching such as a wellness manager. A wellness manager helps individuals adapt their eating habits and exercise for certain health conditions or goals.

What other Skills go well with our HR and Wellbeing Course?

Some of our management courses work well with a CPD certification. One course, in particular, is the handling difficult conversations course, this is because it takes you through approaching poor performers in the workplace as well as handling different personality types. These are both vital skills for HR managers that have to deal with a lot of different situations where there may be high emotions in a professional manner.

Our communication skills course also benefits those in HR as it can help you give constructive feedback and improve your listening skills, this is crucial when speaking to employees in a compassionate way.

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