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The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model Explained

Donald Kirkpatrick first published his ideas about training evaluation in 1959, but it wasn’t until 1975 when he further defined ...
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4 Ideas To Make eLearning More Fun

Today’s elearners have been brought up on a diet of fun and engaging media content. As a result, expectations have ...
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How You Can Use Social Learning To Engage Your Learners

Research tells us that we learn and retain information better, and are more motivated,  if the learning encounter occurs within a ...
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7 Steps To Creating A Lasting Coaching Culture

Having realised that a coaching and mentoring culture is vital for success in your business, you are probably now wondering ...
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Is Mobile Learning The Right Way To Go For Millennials?

It’s no longer appropriate to view millennials as a challenger generation. They are no longer that up and coming statistical ...
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6 Reasons Why You’re Failing To Create A Learning Culture

Research shows that the millennial generation – now pretty much the biggest workforce generation – has an innate thirst for learning ...
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Training Feedback form template

A Useful Training Feedback Form Template

Feedback forms, happy sheets, evaluation forms – no matter what you call them it’s very important that you can gather ...
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The Concept Of Technology, The Internet And The Network

25 Microlearning Best Practices

Traditional, class-room based learning is by no means obsolete, but it must make room for Microlearning. This is the new ...
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50 Train The Trainer Tips

Even the best trainers need to train too. Here’s 50 tips to help you improve your training style. 1. Understand ...
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