What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the idea of taking the real world around you and enhancing it to make it better. What if I told you that AR is going to make an appearance on the L&D scene?

There are so many ways L&D professionals can use augmented reality within their bespoke elearning solutions, so I’ve put together a report detailing everything you need to know about AR and also the impact it will have in the L&D world.

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What Is Augmented Reality How

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the report and seeing how AR will develop in the future.

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Sean is the CEO of Skillshub. He’s a published author and has been featured on CNN, BBC and ITV as a leading authority in the learning and development industry. Sean is responsible for the vision and strategy at Skillshub, helping to ensure innovation within the company.

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Updated on: 4 July, 2018

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