4 Ideas To Make eLearning More Fun

Today’s elearners have been brought up on a diet of fun and engaging media content.

As a result, expectations have been raised and corporate elearners now expect their in-house training content to be similarly entertaining.

If it’s not, boredom will set in quickly, and disengaged learners will decamp elsewhere.

Of course the quality of your elearning can all be lost unless you have an engaging online learning platform but here’s 4 ideas to make your elearning more fun:


Cartoon style animations bring humour and levity to even the driest of topics.

Satires like the Simpsons can make somewhat dry or serious topics funny, partly due to the comic animation format.

It can do the same for elearning content.

You don’t need to be Walt Disney to create animations, just pop along to a site like: https://www.vyond.com/  and you can make funny cartoon animations in under 5 minutes.


Pages and pages of instructional, one-way content will eventually become sleep-inducing.

So, why not spice things up a little by throwing in the odd quiz to the mix?

Test your elearners at some point during the course with questions designed to assess and reinforce learning.

Many of us get pleasure from racking our brains to get the right answer.

Ensure the questions are challenging, but achievable, to ensure that the quiz is engaging and gratifying.

Treasure Hunts

Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt?

It appeals to our innate sense of curiosity.

Most good elearning tools will enable you to build a treasure hunt exercise into your course.

How does it work?

Learners work through a set of questions in the elearning platform and they will have to scour through an external website to find the answers.

Once they input the answers into the elearning platform, they might get a reward like a gold coin or a slide saying ‘congrats’ and then they move on to the next step of the search.

Make It social

Elearning can feel isolating for some, but it doesn’t have to be.

Incorporate, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn into your bespoke elearning solutions so learners can socialise, share insights, field questions while elearning.

The same can be done on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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Updated on: 27 February, 2018

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