M-Learning Your Training Content – Is It Time To Get Mobile?

As a business, if your learning and development programmes rely too heavily on block-style learning, and do not incorporate m-learning content, you’ll be experiencing dwindling attendance levels.


Because in this time-pressurised world, workers are typically too overloaded to attend the traditional away day, block training,  and are missing out on vital learning as a result.

Even if time-pressurised learners do manage to attend training, engagements levels are likely to be waning too as many learners will continue to be distracted by pressing concerns from their day job, which they simply can’t switch off for a long two day stretch.

This means your staff won’t be reaching their potential and developing the cutting edge hard and soft skills at the rate the industry demands and productivity levels will start falling below industry benchmarks.

It doesn’t have to be this way and this slide into learning oblivion can and should be halted using mobile learning, particularly since mobile has been the computing device of choice for some time now.

Just about everyone owns a smartphone now, and a 2014 survey by elearninginfographics.com revealed that most workers see mobile as their most critical work device.

The workplace is crying out for m-learning.

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It is now time to make your elearning content mobile friendly and flexible to enable staff to complete learning on their own schedule. You should look at the content that you have got and create a roadmap of bespoke elearning content that will be tailored to hit the mark.

If your corporate learning content remains confined to class-rooms and stand-alone PCS then your learning process will becoming increasingly irrelevant and out of touch with a significant portion of your work-force.

If the fear of obsolescence isn’t enough to raise your eyebrows, then how about the reality that if you don’t make a shift to mobile learning content delivery, you’ll be falling behind the competition.

This 2014 study by the Brandon Hall Group called the Future Of Corporate Learning: Trends and Predictions found that 87% of surveyed organisations are planning to increase their usage of mobile with nearly half of them planning significant upscaling.

Your industry peers will be developing the capability to up-skill their staff much faster than you, making their organisation more productive, resilient, agile and able to exploit new market opportunities.

This is why the time for mobile learning content has to be right now coupled with an online learning platform that is “mobile first” in it’s design principles.

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Sean is the CEO of Skillshub. He’s a published author and has been featured on CNN, BBC and ITV as a leading authority in the learning and development industry. Sean is responsible for the vision and strategy at Skillshub, helping to ensure innovation within the company.

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Updated on: 11 October, 2017

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