Navigating the Changing Landscape of Obsolete Jobs

  In the face of advancing technology, concerns about obsolete jobs are growing. Many individuals wonder if their jobs are in danger of being ‘replaced’ by robots. Especially with the rise of AI! The fear around this topic might seem new, but people became afraid of technological evolution long ago… A highly cited study conducted

Why Sales Superstars Should Never Be Sales Trainers

This is a guest post written by Mark Allen Roberts. Mark is a public speaker, author of the book: Branding Backwards and has 34+ years experience within his field. When was the last time you trained your salespeople? Did the training result in the behaviour change and the measurable improvement you desired? Did your salespeople apply the training;

10 Building Blocks Of Your Sales Academy

A sales academy is a very powerful method of enabling a sales force. There are plenty of examples of sales academies that have delivered great results, and perhaps an equal number that failed. Most of these unsuccessful academies, decline because of poor execution in multiple areas. This post is written by Vijay Gogoi from 19th

5 Reasons Why Sales People NEED To Use Microlearning

Businesses must find time for more sales training. Why? Because, recent research suggests that today’s sales people are walking into client offices underprepared. Just one quarter of sales people were knowledgeable about the buyer’s business and pain points, amongst other failings. Of course, many of you will already know that sales training is critical. But