5 Reasons Why Sales People NEED To Use Microlearning

Businesses must find time for more sales training.


Because, recent research suggests that today’s sales people are walking into client offices underprepared.

Just one quarter of sales people were knowledgeable about the buyer’s business and pain points, amongst other failings.

Of course, many of you will already know that sales training is critical.

But you’ll also know how hard it is allow staff the time away for a two day sales training course when there are pressing monthly targets to be met.

This brings us neatly to the first reason why sales people should be using microlearning.

It doesn’t come with the lost revenue overhead which occurs when sales staff attend the traditional off-site sales course.

Microlearning provides bite sized (3 minutes) learning content via mobile device right at the point of need with no off-site time needed..

The second reason is that modern attention spans are shortening and the maximum time you can expect to hold even an engaged learner’s attention is about 20 minutes.

Microlearning modules, offered in episodic 5/10 minute modules can impart learning content within the sales person’s attention sweet spot, and not when the sales person has zoned out, as is often the way in traditional sales courses.

Thirdly,  sales people are often on-the-go, meeting clients on site, or in hotels.

They may be in a different town or country even when the block, away day sales course is scheduled, meaning they may miss the course.

This problem doesn’t occur in microlearning because sales people can always attend a microlearning course, in convenient, bite-size chunks, irrespective of their location, via their mobile device.

Also, another reason for using microlearning is that sales people can take advantage of their notorious ‘dead-time’, be that in transit to meetings and/or waiting for clients to microlearn new skills on their mobile.

What a great way to reclaim lost time.

And finally, the fact that microlearning modules can be delivered through a mobile means it can offer a level of immediacy that can never be provided by traditional block learning.

Let’s say your sales person is about to see a client, with microlearning they can play a short 3 minute session to remind them about effective questioning or consultative selling, right at the time of need.

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Updated on: 12 September, 2017

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