Refining Healthcare Through Health eLearning

Health eLearning has become increasingly popular in the healthcare industry and as technology continues to advance, the accessibility and flexibility of online learning are revolutionising the way healthcare professionals acquire and apply new skills. Many eLearning companies are now focusing on delivering specialised training for healthcare professionals. This shift towards online learning platforms tailored to

Meaning and Examples of Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are an articulation of what a participant will learn during a course or program. These measurable statements define the skills and knowledge a learner will acquire and be able to demonstrate by the end of the learning process. Clear, understandable, and actionable learning examples are the foundation to creating and marketing any learning

Vygotksy’s Zone of Proximal Development and Scaffolding

  Intrigued by how your learners bridge the gap between the known and the unknown? Let’s explore this through the lens of Lev Vygotsky’s thought-provoking theories: the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and Scaffolding. ZPD is the captivating space between a learner’s solo capabilities and the potential heights they can reach with the aid of

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy for Setting Learning Objectives

  Have you come across Bloom’s Taxonomy before? Bloom’s Taxonomy is a tried-and-tested framework that steers educators towards creating impactful, measurable learning objectives – stretching and challenging the boundaries of a learner’s thinking. In this guide, we’ll be diving into the essence of this pedagogical theory to show you how to transform your approach to

What is Information Processing Theory? Explanation & Examples

  A relatively recent schema in learning and development, Information Processing Theory (IPT) is a way of understanding the human mind and how it retains knowledge that has become increasingly influential. Psychologists like Crick and Dodge have shown how an awareness of this theory can lead to improved outcomes for children with behavioural disorders. However,

How to Measure Employee Engagement

  How can we guarantee that our employees remain not only committed to their work but are also genuinely absorbing eLearning content and personal growth opportunities? As the nature of work continues to transform and our workplaces adapt to these changes, it has become increasingly vital to equip employees with the knowledge and skills necessary

What is Soft Skills Training and Why is it Important?

  In today’s workplace, where collaboration and communication are essential for success, soft skills have become increasingly important. Soft skills are the personal attributes that enable individuals to interact effectively and harmoniously with others. Soft skills training is a method used to develop these skills that has gained widespread popularity in many workplaces. But what

Understanding and Applying the Cognitive Learning Theory

  Did you know that Cognitive Learning Theory is one of the most influential theories in the field of psychology? It explains how we learn and process information. According to this theory, learning is an active process that involves the mental organisation and processing of new information, and it is influenced by a person’s prior

Weird and wonderful courses you can ACTUALLY study

In today’s internet era, we’re just a click away from learning everything we want and exploring all kinds of interests, no matter how odd they may seem to others. From courses on how to become a mermaid to finding the Loch Ness Monster, there’s definitely something online for everyone. We dived into some of the

Remote Onboarding of Employees: Best Practices & Software

In a world where hybrid working and remote working are the norms, our HR and onboarding activities need to keep pace with this change. Onboarding remote employees is completely different from onboarding employees in person, so the approach you adopt and the processes you implement need to reflect this. It’s not a one size fits

Discover the most popular online courses of 2022

When writing our New Year’s resolutions list, it’s essential to look back and appreciate last year’s achievements. For people across the UK, it seems that online education was a priority in 2022. Around 18,100 searches for ‘online courses’ were registered last year, which means an average of 1,508 searches a month. We dug into the

What is Blended Learning? Examples and Benefits

From the business world to education, COVID-19 had a powerful, lasting impact on how people learn. While it was common for schools to utilise computers in the classroom and for businesses to embrace technology in the office prior to the pandemic, the concept of virtual work and learning has been fast-tracked both during and post-pandemic.

What is Virtual Training and its Benefits?

Looking back at 2019, Zoom, Meet, and Teams were hardly mentioned in conversations. Traditional classroom-like setups were mainstream, and instructors didn’t feel the need to conduct online training sessions, despite video conferencing and virtual meetings becoming common in corporate culture by then. As we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual meeting platforms have become

How Electronic Learning Benefits Your Business

The concept of electronic learning isn’t a new one. In fact, it has gained amazing popularity over the last decade. According to some recent stats, the eLearning market may grow to $1 trillion by 2028. This is because the immense growth in the digitisation of wearable technologies and the range of online content has played

Engaging Elearning Content Development: Top Tips

According to stats, the eLearning market may grow to more than $240 billion by the end of 2022. Since its inception, eLearning has experienced rapid growth and acceptance. Thanks to advanced technology, learning new things on the internet is more convenient than ever. However, it is still a challenge for both learners and teachers to

5 Reasons Bespoke Digital Learning Can Be A USP

I’m sure you’ve been in the position you have completed some hideous eLearning that has been poorly put together, completely missing the training need and has been incredibly boring! I’m unfortunate to have seen quite a few of these, as I have been approached by many clients asking for advice on how they can get

3 Ideas For Engaging Bespoke eLearning Content

When attending a social event, the conversation always crops up about what people do for work. When I say I create Bespoke eLearning as part of my job, I always get the same response- “My company makes us do that, I find it really long winded and boring” My response: “You should give your company

4 Ideas To Make eLearning More Fun

Today’s elearners have been brought up on a diet of fun and engaging media content. As a result, expectations have been raised and corporate elearners now expect their in-house training content to be similarly entertaining. If it’s not, boredom will set in quickly, and disengaged learners will decamp elsewhere. Of course the quality of your

How To Create eLearning Courses That Do Not Send Others To Sleep

YouTube and Wikipedia have been providing user generated elearning content for nearly a decade. Production standards and user expectations have now grown high. Modern learners demand out-of-this-world content, and meeting these expectations can seem like an impossible task. It’s no surprise that most e-learning fails to hit the mark and does not grab the audience’s

5 Ways To Use Gamification In The Workplace

Gamification is about using game play mechanics in the work-place to drive specific behaviours and actions in a fun and entertaining way. Lets say you are customer facing business where punctual attendance is crucial. You could beat late coming staff with the proverbial stick or motivate them to arrive on time using gamification. How? By

4 eLearning Myths Busted

As the we move from a world of traditional classroom training to a more innovative world of cloud and mobile based virtual learning, we are seeing new and exciting approaches to learning. Often with a new technological paradigm, change is rapid and intense, knowledge is scarce and documentation is thin on the ground. This can

5 eLearning Authoring Tools You Need To Know

If you’re looking to produce elearning content, be that basic power point style, interactive video or screen recording, take a look at this list of 5 great elearning authoring tools. We’ve placed a greater emphasis on beginner-friendliness, when selecting tools, as we suspect a good portion of our audience will be making their first forays

The Reality Behind The eLearning Hype

eLearning is in the process of reinventing modern training. Using modern elearning authoring tools and technology trainers can now provide learners with the opportunity to learn on-demand, in a highly modular fashion, via a range of mobile devices or on a PC. High levels of functionality can also be incorporated to enhance the learning engagement