5 Reasons Why Bespoke Digital Learning Can Be One Of Your USPs

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I’m sure you’ve been in the position you have completed some hideous eLearning that has been poorly put together, completely missing the training need and has been incredibly boring! I’m unfortunate to have seen quite a few of these, as I have been approached by many clients asking for advice on how they can get

3 Creative Ideas To Make Engaging Bespoke eLearning Content

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When attending a social event, the conversation always crops up about what people do for work. When I say I create Bespoke eLearning as part of my job, I always get the same response- “My company makes us do that, I find it really long winded and boring” My response: “You should give your company

4 Ideas To Make eLearning More Fun

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Today’s elearners have been brought up on a diet of fun and engaging media content. As a result, expectations have been raised and corporate elearners now expect their in-house training content to be similarly entertaining. If it’s not, boredom will set in quickly, and disengaged learners will decamp elsewhere. Of course the quality of your

How To Create eLearning Courses That Do Not Send Others To Sleep

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YouTube and Wikipedia have been providing user generated e-learning content for nearly a decade. Production standards and user expectations have now grown high. Modern learners demand out-of-this-world content, and meeting these expectations can seem like an impossible task. It’s no surprise that most e-learning fails to hit the mark and does not grab the audience’s

5 Ways To Use Gamification In The Workplace

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Gamification is about using game play mechanics in the work-place to drive specific behaviours and actions in a fun and entertaining way. Lets say you are customer facing business where punctual attendance is crucial. You could beat late coming staff with the proverbial stick or motivate them to arrive on time using gamification. How? By

4 eLearning Myths Busted


As the we move from a world of traditional classroom training to a more innovative world of cloud and mobile based virtual learning, we are seeing new and exciting approaches to learning. Often with a new technological paradigm, change is rapid and intense, knowledge is scarce and documentation is thin on the ground. This can

5 eLearning Authoring Tools You Need To Know

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If you’re looking to produce e-learning content, be that basic power point style, interactive video or screen recording, take a look at this list of 5 great elearning authoring tools. We’ve placed a greater emphasis on beginner-friendliness, when selecting tools, as we suspect a good portion of our audience will be making their first forays

The Reality Behind The eLearning Hype

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eLearning is in the process of reinventing modern training. Using modern elearning authoring tools and technology trainers can now provide learners with the opportunity to learn on-demand, in a highly modular fashion, via a range of mobile devices or on a PC. High levels of functionality can also be incorporated to enhance the learning engagement

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