Top 5 Learning & Development Conferences In The UK

Senior presenterWith the drive to go on screen for learning, it’s easy to forget that there are still several important face-to-face L&D conferences in the UK which offer unrivalled: networking, learning and even deal-making opportunities for L&D professionals.

In saying that, most of these face-to-face conferences will be integrated with and augmented with live, interactive mobile-based activities.

Here’s 5 of the best face-to-face L&D conferences in the UK.


One of the leading, (if not the leading), L&D conferences is the annual CIPD Learning and Development Show.

This 2 day event features a range of bookable educational seminars, led by thought leaders and industry professionals, on a variety of timely, compelling and innovative topics.

There is also a learning timetable of free educational seminars which don’t require booking.

2. World of Learning Conference 

This is another leading annual L&D Conference and Exhibition in the UK.

The conference brings you a range of free seminars of L&D topics related to the overall theme of the event, along with panel debates, interactive workshops and discussion.

There are over 100 & L&D exhibitors there, and so this conference has particular relevance to L&D buyers too.

3. LearningLive

This is an an exclusive L&D event, aimed at Heads of Learning.

It is a great opportunity for senior L&D decision makers to network and talk at a boardroom level.

Thought leadership and blue-sky thinking forms the basis of much of the content.

There are also a range of exhibitors presenting meaningful learning interventions and technologies.

4. Training and Development Summit

This is another high level event aimed at senior L&D professionals with commercial decision-making capacity, and who are directly responsible for the training of staff.

The summit includes one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars and a range of networking opportunities with other L&D professionals and key industry solution providers.

5. Learning Technologies Conference

This conference is an opportunity for L&D professionals to learn about the latest and future-bound learning technologies.

The event contains: keynote speeches, case-studies, cafe sessions, theory presentation, practical debates, google hangouts involving thought leaders, innovators and cutting edge practitioners.

There is a lot of social media based digital augmentation associated with this event.

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