Top 5 Learning & Development Conferences In The UK

With the drive to go on screen for learning, it’s easy to forget that there are still several important face-to-face L&D conferences in the UK which offer unrivalled: networking, learning and even deal-making opportunities for L&D professionals.

In saying that, most of these face-to-face conferences will be integrated with and augmented with live, interactive mobile-based activities.

As an eLearning company, Skillshub is committed to creating efficient and impactful learning experiences, we will help you discover and find some of the best knowledge. Check out the best conferences in the UK below.

Here’s 5 of the best face-to-face L&D conferences in the UK.


One of the leading, (if not the leading), L&D conferences is the annual CIPD Learning and Development Show.

This 2 day event features a range of bookable educational seminars, led by thought leaders and industry professionals, on a variety of timely, compelling and innovative topics.

There is also a learning timetable of free educational seminars which don’t require booking.

2. World of Learning Conference 

This is another leading annual L&D Conference and Exhibition in the UK.

The conference brings you a range of free seminars of L&D topics related to the overall theme of the event, along with panel debates, interactive workshops and discussion.

There are over 100 & L&D exhibitors there, and so this conference has particular relevance to L&D buyers too.

3. LearningLive

This is an an exclusive L&D event, aimed at Heads of Learning.

It is a great opportunity for senior L&D decision makers to network and talk at a boardroom level.

Thought leadership and blue-sky thinking forms the basis of much of the content.

There are also a range of exhibitors presenting meaningful learning interventions and technologies.

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4. Training and Development Summit

This is another high level event aimed at senior L&D professionals with commercial decision-making capacity, and who are directly responsible for the training of staff.

The summit includes one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars and a range of networking opportunities with other L&D professionals and key industry solution providers.

5. Learning Technologies Conference

This conference is an opportunity for L&D professionals to learn about the latest and future-bound learning technologies.

The event contains: keynote speeches, case-studies, cafe sessions, theory presentation, practical debates, google hangouts involving thought leaders, innovators and cutting edge practitioners.

There is a lot of social media based digital augmentation associated with this event.

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Updated on: 9 October, 2017

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