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What Is Augmented Reality & How It Will Impact The L&D World

Augmented reality map

Augmented Reality is the idea of taking the real world around you and enhancing it to make it better. What if I told you that AR is going to make an appearance on the L&D scene? There are so many ways L&D professionals can use augmented reality within their sector, so I’ve put together a report

21 Ways Virtual Reality Is Being Used For Training

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The training world is rapidly changing. More and more of us are pushing aside traditional classroom style training to focus on consuming elearning content, virtual training and microlearning. So how do L&D managers develop their training even further? Ever thought about using Virtual Reality as a training concept? I’ve put together 21 examples of how

The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model Explained

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Donald Kirkpatrick first published his ideas about training evaluation in 1959, but it wasn’t until 1975 when he further defined them in his book,  Evaluating Training Programmes, that they began to command industry attention. Since then, awareness of his ideas has gradually increased and has been bolstered by a redefinition and updating in his 1998

How You Can Use Social Learning To Engage Your Learners

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Research tells us that we learn and retain information better, and are more motivated,  if the learning encounter occurs within a social context. Also, through physical and mental rehearsal of behaviours in a social learning context, our real world responses are also improved. This all sounds great, so how can we apply this dry social learning

7 Steps To Creating A Lasting Coaching Culture

Coaching Training Planning Learning Coaching Business Guide Inst

Having realised that a coaching and mentoring culture is vital for success in your business, you are probably now wondering how best to build one. And if you do manage to achieve this, you’ll need to take steps to ensure that your newly created learning culture doesn’t become a short-lived fad. So, how should you

A Useful Training Feedback Form Template

Training Feedback form template

Feedback forms, happy sheets, evaluation forms – no matter what you call them it’s very important that you can gather some reactionary level feedback from your delegates after they have attended a training event. Note that these forms normally just take a quick temperature check about the training. They don’t measure the ROI or business

50 Train The Trainer Tips

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Even the best trainers need to train too. Here’s 50 tips to help you improve your training style. 1. Understand your attendee’s need. Before you start your session, ask delegates to describe their roles, key challenges and their current knowledge level. This will enable you to pitch your content at the correct level so it

A Useful Personal Development Plan Template

Personal Development Planning Template

Personal development planning is all around self-reflection and self-analysis. It’s about being able to take a step back and look at your strengths and weaknesses so you can make a plan on how to improve them. Many people struggle with this process. Overall there are 3 key stages to creating a personal development plan that

A Useful Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire For Managers

Skillshub slide cover

Skillshub contains hundreds of elearning content sessions. But how did we know which sessions to create? Yes, we collated all of the training needs analysis that we’ve conducted for our clients over the years and created a hit list of topics and subjects. After all, we want to make sure content is relevant! Same goes

A Simple Training Needs Analysis Template In Excel

Trainin Needs Template

There are many ways to conduct a training needs analysis activity and I’ve been involved in some of the most complex around with multi-dimensional competencies and different levels at each! The process can be as complex or as easy as you need it to be and it needs to be right for the stage that

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