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According to the Institute for the Future (IFF), in the year 2030 it estimates that 85% of the jobs that today’s school kids will be doing have not been invented yet. Now that seems ridiculous to think of now, but it isn’t that far away, and look at what has come out of the last

What Is A Flipped Classroom?

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Think about traditional learning for a moment… You normally attend a course or a learning event and then the trainer/teacher covers the content within the classroom or workshop environment. The trainer is the focus point throughout the day disseminating the learning, exercises, case studies and setting up discussions. The classroom is therefore the place where

4 Ways To Maximise Learner Engagement & Recall


One of the biggest challenges that learning and development professionals face, be that in- house or consultancy side, is maximising learner engagement and recall. In the age of the highly distracted learner it’s becoming harder to engage learners long enough for them to assimilate and properly retain knowledge. This can lead to reduced learner recall and

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