5 Reasons Why Microlearning Needs To Be Part Of Your L&D Strategy

If Microlearning isn’t part of your L&D strategy yet then it should be.

Early adopters of Microlearning are already seeing huge benefits.

If you don’t act now, you will soon fall dangerously behind the industry pace.

Microlearning is, in a nutshell, about allowing students to learn on-the-go by enabling on-demand access to short elearning modules of 10 minutes or less via their mobile device.

Not hitting your sales appointment target?

Then access a, ‘10 minute master-class on cold-calling’, via your mobile.

Overloaded and stressed?

Don’t rely on memory fragments from last year’s 2 day training camp, or labour in a knowledge vacuum.

Access a 5 minute video on, ‘time management’.

Not convinced?

Here’s 5 more good reasons that microlearning should be part of your L&D strategy.

Learners Actually Prefer Microlearning

Attention spans are shortening and most learners will be disengaging after 20 minutes.

5 to 10 minutes learning hits the attention sweet spots so you are arguably getting a bigger learning ROI from microlearning than traditional one day courses.

Workers Are Becoming More Mobile

The demand for flexible work has meant the typical company is no longer co-located but virtual/mobile, making traditional class-room learning an increasingly logistical challenge.

Microlearning can be easily delivered via smart-phones, irrespective of staff location, making it the perfect learning tool for the modern flexible workforce.

More Cost Effective

Training budgets are one of the first to be cut when times are hard.

Microlearning can offer a more cost effective approach to training due to lower roll-out cost per learner, due to savings on travel expenses and time way from office along with infinite class sizes.

Reclaim Lost Time

Workers are spending up to 2 hours a day (working days) on their mobile phones with a lot of this time wasted on Facebook.

Mobile based Microlearning enables you to reclaim some of that lost time by pushing enticing bite-size learning mobile content out to them.

Topics such as overload, stress, money problems could easily draw them away from Facebook.

Time Pressurised

The increasingly time-pressurised worker can be denied traditional classroom training as they simply cannot afford a block of time away from the office.

However, those same busy workers can easily benefit from 5-10 minute sessions of microlearning accessible at their convenience.

As an eLearning company, Skillshub is committed to creating efficient and impactful learning experiences. Contact us to find out more.

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Sean is the CEO of Skillshub. He’s a published author and has been featured on CNN, BBC and ITV as a leading authority in the learning and development industry. Sean is responsible for the vision and strategy at Skillshub, helping to ensure innovation within the company.

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Updated on: 12 September, 2017

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