eLearning Solutions That Engage Your People
Over 2,000 off-the-shelf elearning content resources you can use or innovative customised solutions. Engaging, effective & fun!

eLearning Solutions That Engage Your People

Over 2,000 off-the-shelf elearning content resources you can use
or innovative customised solutions. Engaging, effective & fun!

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We’re A Leading Online Learning Platform & eLearning Content Provider

Learning Platform
Easy to use, easy to measure and grows with you at your pace. Our learning platform can create personalised learning journeys from any content.
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Engaging Content
2,000 pieces of engaging elearning content that you can use on your system or ours. Presenters, animations and motion graphics. We mix it up!
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Skillshub’s content and platform is of the very highest standard. The CPD Certification Service is proud to support and partner with this innovative and modern approach to learning and development. In our view Skillshub provides an effective solution for today’s time poor workforce which is focused on taking action and implementing learning

Martin Rowe | Head of Operations | The CPD Certification Service

A Learner Friendly Platform That Can
Create Personal Learning Journeys

You’re most likely familiar with the term learning management system (LMS) but that’s not the right definition for our platform.

Our learning platform creates a unique learner experience and hence it’s referred to as a learning experience platform (LXP)

Our platform is easy to use, your learners will love it and it’s just so easy to find content and create your own personal journeys.

Systems that are not easy to use, simply don’t get used!

Ours is different and has the ability to create unique personal learning journeys rather than it just being a library of content that no one uses.

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Off-The-Shelf eLearning Content
All Focused On Practical Take-Aways

Whether it’s for use on our learning platform or yours we’ve got over 2,000 learning assets that you can license or purchase.

Choose from over 550 off the shelf courses as well as hundreds of infographics, images, articles, audios and blogs.

Most online training solutions consist of long, drawn out content that bores your staff and simply fails to engage with them.

Our elearning content is different.

Our off-the-shelf CPD certified content library consists of short sessions (60 seconds to 5 minutes) that are practical, engaging and focused on taking action in the workplace.

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Bespoke eLearning Content Creation
& Content Development Solutions

If you’re looking for a partner to help you create some engaging content that will help to drive the performance of your learners then we can help.

Our bespoke elearning solutions are creative, engaging and results driven. We can also create virtual training courses delivered via LIVE webinars.

We have a lot of experience that we can bring to the table of what works and what doesn’t work.

We can handle as much or as little of the process as you need including:

• Script writing
• Storyboarding
• Sourcing voice overs or presenters
• Idea generation
• You name it!

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Grab your FREE COPY of our latest whitepaper

Personal Learning Journeys

Personal Learning Journeys

As an L&D professional you’re most likely looking for new and innovative ways to help your people embed what they have learned so the learning turns into performance improvement.

We’re now living in a world of hyper-personalisation and the learning industry needs to keep up with this.

Creating personal learning journeys removes the “one size fits all” approach to people development.

It’s a unique approach and treats everyone as special and different.

So just what are personal learning journeys and how can you create them?

With the help of this whitepaper you will be able to:

• Understand what personal learning journeys are and what they look like
• Create personal learning journeys for your people
• Understand how to create formal and informal blended journeys
• Offer staff development “in the flow of work”

You’ll receive a downloadable PDF version and also the book in audio format.

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