What Is a Learner-Centred Approach and Why Is It Important

Imagine a learner-centered approach to education, where the focus shifts from traditional lecturing to engaging students more effectively. Picture a typical classroom. You’re likely envisioning an instructor standing at the front and lecturing while the students take notes. Traditional learning has its benefits, but it also does not centre the student or learner as much

15 Active Learning Strategies and Examples

  Active learning has taken modern education and corporate learning and development (L&D) by storm. It is a learner-centred approach that emphasises engagement, interaction, and reflection. This paradigm shift from traditional teaching to active learning underscores the learner’s role in constructing knowledge. Rather than being just a recipient of information, the learner becomes an active

25 Learning and Development Quotes to Inspire You

  Looking for learning and development quotes that can inspire your growth journey? Ever wondered what the greatest minds across centuries have said about learning and development? In our ever-evolving, high-speed world, the commitment to ongoing learning has become more important than ever. So, to keep you motivated on this journey, we’ve collated a selection

What is Adaptive Learning? Definition and Examples

  Could adaptive learning be the missing piece in the puzzle of personalised training? Could this fusion of technology and personalisation unlock unprecedented learning potential? By dynamically adjusting to each learner’s unique needs and abilities, this approach promises a tailored educational journey like no other. It leverages real-time responses to learner performance, enhancing comprehension and

Entrepreneurs: Rockstars or the New Sweatshop Workers

  In the world of business, entrepreneurs are often likened to rockstars. Their tales of success are all over the media and internet alike, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps and to think of the “next big thing”. And that got us thinking… how accurate is this glamorous portrayal? Do entrepreneurs really feel like

What is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Learning and Development?

Thought leaders have the power to influence, inspire, and motivate people. They bring new ideas and insights to their industry. They can share knowledge with their audiences, and they are the go-to source for current trends. Thought leaders are also able to explain a vision or idea in a way that gets others excited about