We can microlearn your content
Provide us with existing content or we can create
bespoke microlearning courses from cratch for you

We can microlearn your content
Provide us with existing content or we can create
bespoke microlearning courses from scratch for you

Customised microlearning courses


Give Us Your Existing Training
Content And We Will Turn It
Into Engaging Microlearning


We Can Write And Develop Bespoke
Mircrolearning From Scratch Based On
Your Exact Requirements And Goals

Content isn’t king. Only engaging content is king.

Whether we create your microlearning courses from scratch or if we transform your existing training content, here’s what you can expect from our bespoke, customised solutions

One Point Of Contact

Working with us is easy. There’s
no complicated communication chain.

You’ll Get A Good Listening To

We really get to understand
your requirements and needs.


We will work together in partnership
to create an engaging end solution.

Saves Time

Sessions last a couple of minutes.
Limits time away from the office.

Take Away Actions

Each session has 3 specific
actions for you to complete.

Keeps Your Attention

Better attention = better retention.
Improves buy-in to the learning.

Engaging Content

Video instructors coupled with
on-screen graphic reminders.

“Doing” Not Theory

Sessions focused on the most
important, practical elements.

70-20-10 Enabled

Ideal for 70-20-10 style of
training – coaching aids too.

Empowers Your Learners

Self-directed learning means they
are in charge of their development

Engage Millennials

This group want things now and
have a short attention span

Any Device, Anytime

Desktop, mobile or tablet – you
can learn on the device of your choice

Agile Learning

Sessions can be deployed very quickly
and are ideal for collaboration

Specific, Not Broad Needs

Short, focused sessions centred on
one specific skill or behaviour

Better Retention

Research has proven that knowledge
retention increases with microlearning

Cheat Sheets

Each session comes with a 1 page
cheat sheet of the essential information


Sessions are available and on demand
at the moment of a learning need

Coaching Blueprints

Coaching questions and aids are supplied
to help you coach in & embed at work

Most popular customised topics

Clients ask us to microlearn their content for the following

Management & Leadership Skills
Sales & Marketing Skills
Communication Skills
Internal Systems Orientation
Compliance Requirements
Process Explanations

HR Policies
Induction & Onboarding
Missions & Values
Company History & About Us
Career Development
Internal Procedures


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