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Is Mobile Learning The Right Way To Go For Millennials?

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It’s no longer appropriate to view millennials as a challenger generation. They are no longer that up and coming statistical minority; they have now ‘arrived’ in the workforce in vast numbers, and have just become the largest workforce generational group. Along with their sheer presence millennials bring one other fascinating quality to the table: they

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Learning

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Mobile learning promises to be an amazing addition to the L&D educational ecosystem. But, it’s not all good, mobile learning does have its drawbacks, and it’s best to know these before you jump in the deep end. That’s why in this article, we thought it would be useful to shoot down the middle and offer

Implementing Mobile Learning? 7 Ways To Do It Right

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If you are about to jump on the mobile learning wagon for the first time you’ll probably be feeling a mix of excitement and uncertainty. It’s going to transform learning and open up new possibilities in knowledge acquisition, but it’s going to disrupt the status quo. The good news is that you don’t have to

M-Learning Your Training Content – Is It Time To Get Mobile?

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As a business, if your learning and development programmes rely too heavily on block-style learning, and do not incorporate m-learning content, you’ll be experiencing dwindling attendance levels. Why? Because in this time-pressurised world, workers are typically too overloaded to attend the traditional away day, block training,  and are missing out on vital learning as a

3 Reasons Why You Should Use M-Learning (& How To Do It)

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Smart-phones have transformed the way we: communicate, socialise and entertain ourselves. But, one area where smart-phone tech has yet to explode is mobile learning or m-learning. However, with nearly 100% of under 50s owning smart-phones, and superfast 4G becoming the norm it’s time for mobile learning to go mainstream. Still not convinced? Here’s 3 reasons

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