25 Microlearning Best Practices

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Traditional, class-room based learning is by no means obsolete, but it must make room for Microlearning. This is the new paradigm in L&D, where learners engage in bite-size learning modules of 2 to 8 minutes in duration, delivered directly to a learner’s mobile device, on demand. It’s what learners want, and L&D professionals must rise

How To Design High Impact Microlearning Sessions

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Microlearning is a disruptive technology that is going to transform the learning landscape. It will move us away from traditional classroom-based, block-learning to on-demand, bite-size learning, delivered via mobile devices or virtually to desktops. In reality microlearning has been happening outside the workplace, for years. When we, ‘Google it’, watch a 5 minute YouTube tutorial,

Microlearning VS Macrolearning; This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us

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Modern training and education methods can be boiled down into two main forms: Microlearning and Macrolearning.

5 Reasons Why Sales People NEED To Use Microlearning

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Businesses must find time for more sales training. Why? Because, recent research suggests that today’s sales people are walking into client offices underprepared. Just one quarter of sales people were knowledgeable about the buyer’s business and pain points, amongst other failings. Of course, many of you will already know that sales training is critical. But

Why Microlearning And The Mobile Phone Are A Match Made In Heaven

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You all probably know about just how pervasive the mobile phone has become: just about everyone owns a smart mobile device, and we spend 2 hours every day on our smart-phones, (and yes, that includes workdays!). Almost half of 18-24 years check their phone in the night; and smart-phones have overtaken tablets as the number

5 Reasons Why Microlearning Needs To Be Part Of Your L&D Strategy


If Microlearning isn’t part of your L&D strategy yet then it should be. Early adopters of Microlearning are already seeing huge benefits. If you don’t act now, you will soon fall dangerously behind the industry pace. Microlearning is, in a nutshell, about allowing students to learn on-the-go by enabling on-demand access to short elearning modules

Getting The Attention Of Millennials Through Microlearning

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There are two important statistics that modern trainers ignore at their peril. 1) Millennials are now the biggest generational group in the workplace, and will most likely make up half of the typical corporate classroom by 2025. 2) And secondly, millennials have very short attention spans vs their predecessors, switching media types 27 times every

Is Your Company Ready For Microlearning?

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If you are reading this article, you are probably thinking about introducing microlearning in to your organisation. But, successful implementation shouldn’t be taken for granted, as there are plenty of hurdles and banana skins on the way. Here’s a few pointers to see if your company is ready to jump on the microlearning bandwagon. Do

Microlearning For Managers: Time To Make The Switch

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To a busy manager who is overwhelmed with work, the idea of going on a 2 day course can feel like a huge inconvenience and even stress. This is a problem, as time-pressurised managers may be compelled to decline the training they so desperately need to improve their performance. Even if they manage to attend

Follow This Method When Designing A Microlearning Training Session

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So you find yourself with the task of designing a microlearning video. The trouble is, it’s such a new phenomenon, there’s not a lot of readily available know-how on this subject area. So, where do you start? Think Mobile-Learning Remember, mobile devices have just surpassed personal computers as the primary form of accessing the web,

Why Should You Convert Classroom Based Training Into Microlearning?

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The rise of 3G/4G and the all pervasiveness of smart-phones and tablets has created the perfect conditions for microlearning to spring in to life and become a force in L&D almost overnight. It is now making a serious challenge to the status quo, currently defined by class-room based training and threatens to become the dominant

Use Microlearning As Part Of Your 70-20-10 Approach To Development

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The 70 20 10 model sits at the heart of all good L&D strategy, and it dictates that: 70% of our learning will occur through everyday work tasks and challenges and practice; 20% of our learning comes from others via coaching, mentoring, collaboration, team work and exploiting personal networks;  and just 10% of learning comes

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