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5 Learning And Development Strategy Examples

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If you are tasked with building a learning and development strategy from scratch, or even reviewing your current one, industry benchmarking is a great way to generate ideas, observe best practices and to avoid making silly mistakes. Here are 5 L&D strategy examples we think are worth your review. 1) Glasgow University: People & Organizational

5 Ways To Get Stakeholder Buy In For Learning & Development


The CGC 2016 Enterprise Learning Report of senior L&D executives showed that, ‘obtaining the necessary budget, time and people’,  to implement L&D was their top challenge. This shows that stakeholder management and the act of courting budget holders, influencers and sceptics and getting them united behind your L&D programme is crucial to success. Even so,

5 Reasons Why Microlearning Needs To Be Part Of Your L&D Strategy


If Microlearning isn’t part of your L&D strategy yet then it should be. Early adopters of Microlearning are already seeing huge benefits. If you don’t act now, you will soon fall dangerously behind the industry pace. Microlearning is, in a nutshell, about allowing students to learn on-the-go by enabling on-demand access to short elearning modules

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