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We work with partners across the world who offer our
microlearning content to their clients, contacts and members

Why partner with us?

By partnering with Skillshub, you can now offer your clients/members/contacts an innovative, powerful and effective online training solution that’s fast to deploy, easy to manage and helps them to provide their staff with modern, cost effective learning and development using today’s popular technology.

You’ll benefit from additional ongoing, residual revenue and a stronger relationship with them.

Who partners with us?


From established, large training organisations through to the one man army, offering our off the shelf and bespoke microlearning products can add that additional string to your bow and revenue stream that you’re looking for.


You’ve got a large member database or existing clients that you need to add outstanding value to on a consistent basis. By offering them our services you will in turn contribute to their success and yours.


You offer a complimentary SAAS model or service and you see a great synergy between both of our products. By offering Skillshub you can develop deeper relationships and an additional revenue stream.


How do you partner with us?

We know what it takes to make partnerships successful.

We don’t ask for upfront joining fees, detailed business plans or access to your customer base. What we do expect is for you to promote Skillshub in the way that you feel most comfortable and that is aligned to your current business.

Our partnership programme is easy to understand and easy to administrate.

Basically, there are two ways to promote Skillshub.

Off-The-Shelf Content

See a need for Skillshub with your existing clients?

Are your prospective or existing clients the right fit for Skillshub and you want to tell them about it?

If so, we will provide you with a unique partnership ID link.

Just refer your clients and contacts to the Skillshub website using that ID link and we’ll take care of the FREE trial, sales, training and set up, and provide on-going support and updates as part of the client’s subscription service.

In return you will receive an attractive percentage of the subscription revenue they generate for 2 years. That’s ongoing residual revenue. You don’t have to lift a finger – let us do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Payments are made to you every quarter.

Bespoke Content

The second way to promote Skillshub is through our bespoke services.

With this, you can either front a bespoke project yourself and we will create all of the microlearning for you in the background or you can say that you are partnering with Skillshub to create the project for a particular client.

Once again, we can do everything for you when it comes to the microlearning. We can meet and discuss the requirements with you and your contact. We’ll storyboard all of the sessions, source voice overs and presenters to suits – it’s an end to end 360 service.

We can create microlearning from scratch or we can microlearn your client’s existing content.

In return you will receive an attractive percentage of the revenue on a project by project basis.


What support do you receive from us?

Your success is our success.

Therefore we don’t hang you out to dry.

Instead, once you sign up as a partner we will provide online training and support so you can confidently introduce Skillshub to your prospects and clients.

You will get access to a partner portal, filled with useful sales materials and technical information to help you.

In reality it’s dead simple. Skillshub sells itself.

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