Looking For Digital Learning Content That Works?

Make learning more effective, fun and focused on taking action. Our digital learning content library
consists of over 450 short bursts of development that will provide engaging and flexible learning at the
moment of need, improving learner retention rates, adoption and ultimately, business results
(All delivered on your learning system or ours!)

Shorter Sessions. More Attention.
Bigger Impact.

Most online training solutions consist of long, drawn out content that bores your staff and simply fails to engage with them.

Our sessions are different. Our off-the-shelf CPD certified content library consists of short sessions (60 seconds to 5 minutes) that are practical, engaging and focused on taking action in the workplace.

We’re taking the most up to date research on modern day learning methods and coupling that with the ever increasing workload and reducing attention span of the modern day worker to create learning that actually sticks.

We offer both bespoke and off-the shelf digital learning content.

What is microlearning

Different Styles & Formats

Motion Graphics

  • Sessions are short, punchy and to the point
  • Average duration is between 1 to 2 minutes
  • Ideal to get across 1 specific point
  • Voiceover and moving graphics
  • Engaging and attention grabbing

Presenter Led Sessions

  • More in-depth content and themes
  • Average duration is between 2 and 5 minutes
  • Different presenters used for the sessions
  • Images reinforce the key messages
  • Sessions focused on providing practical tips


  • Grabs your attention and focus
  • Average duration is between 1 to 2 minutes
  • Voiceover and moving animations
  • Practical and fun
  • Colourful and engaging

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Key features and benefits of our content

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Saves Time

Sessions last a couple of minutes.
Limits time away from the office.

Icon Action 1-2-3

Take Away Actions

Each session has 3 specific
actions for you to complete.

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Keeps Your Attention

Better attention = better retention.
Improves buy-in to the learning.

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Engaging Content

Motion graphics, presenters and
animations to keep interest high

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“Doing” Not Theory

Sessions focused on the most
important, practical elements.

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70-20-10 Enabled

Ideal for 70-20-10 style of
training – coaching aids too.

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Empowers Your Learners

Self-directed learning means they
are in charge of their development

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Engage Millennials

This group want things now and
have a short attention span

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Any Device, Anytime

Desktop, mobile or tablet – you
can learn on the device of your choice

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Agile Learning

Sessions can be deployed very quickly
and are ideal for collaboration

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Specific, Not Broad Needs

Short, focused sessions centred on
one specific skill or behaviour

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Knowledge Retention

Research shows that retention
increases with shorter sessions

Cheat sheet

Cheat Sheets

Each session comes with a 1 page
cheat sheet of the essential information

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Sessions are available and on demand
at the moment of a learning need

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Coaching Blueprints

Coaching questions are supplied to
help you coach in & embed at work

Most popular uses for Skillshub content

Whether rented or purchased here’s what our clients use our content for…

  • As a standalone option for staff development
  • For internal L&D and trainer resources
  • Resources to use for the 70-20-10 model
  • For use in self-directed learning
  • For use in mobile learning
  • Pre & post workshop activities
  • As part of existing blended programmes
  • To help embed the learning from internal workshops
  • To use as part of internal courses
  • For managers and leaders to use with their staff
  • For learning reinforcement in the workplace
  • As a resource for “on demand” learning

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