Essential Management Skills
Gain A Firm Foundation In Management & Leadership


As a manager you need to demonstrate strong leadership and management skills to drive the performance of your people.

This programme will provide you with the techniques and strategies to lead from the front and to demonstrate the high performance levels that you expect and demand from your team.


This programme will help you to:

  • Understand the differences between management and leadership
  • Learn about different managerial styles
  • Coach more effectively using GROW
  • Give feedback in the right way
  • Manage your time more effectively
  • Lead, manage and motivate your people
  • Manage change across your teams
  • Handle conflict to a successful outcome
  • Build your team into a high performing unit
  • Run productive appraisals


Programme Outline

Each of the following are microlearning sessions and can be taken in any order

Leading For Success

  • Leadership vs Management
  • Understanding Managerial Styles
  • Using Adair’s Action Centred Leadership Model


  • Using The GROW Coaching Model
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • The Principles of Great Feedback

Time Management

  • Effective Time Management
  • Time Stealers – How Do We Identify Them?

Performance Management

  • Managing Performance
  • Tackling Poor Performance
  • The Performance Management Chat

Change Management

  • Understanding The Change Management Process
  • Dealing With The Impact Of Change
  • Selling The Need For Change
  • Encouraging Engagement During Change

Conflict Management

  • The 5 Options Of Conflict Resolution
  • Resolving Conflict Situations – Part 1
  • Resolving Conflict Situations – Part 2

Building High Performing Teams

  • Understanding The Basic Needs of Your Team
  • Developing Your Team
  • Dealing With A Team That Is Underachieving
  • Taking A Proactive Approach With Teambuilding
  • Implementing Team Values, Norms & Behaviours
  • How To Create A High Performance Team Culture
  • How To Conduct A Team Self-Evaluation

Running Effective Appraisals

  • The DNA Of A Successful Appraisal
  • Preparing For An Appraisal
  • How To Structure The Appraisal Discussion
  • How To Appraise Challenging Staff Members
  • Following Up On An Appraisal

Session Example

The GROW Coaching Model

Each session comes with the following:

Action Planning

1-Page Cheat Sheet

Session Notes

You will also receive a coaching blueprint to help you embed the learning in the workplace.


Ordering is really simple.

The price of this course is just £29.95 per person.

For that you will have access to the 30 microlearning sessions that make up this programme.

You can book and pay with your card immediately or through invoice.

Once your booking has been processed you will get access to Skillshub and your course.


Q – Can I lease or purchase this course to put on our own LMS?
A – Yes! Please contact us at or 02476 998 101 and we will send you the options and fees

Q – Is this programme certified?
A – Yes! It is certified through CPD. Once you have completed the programme you will receive a CPD certificate.

Q – Do I get a discount if I order in bulk?
A – Yes! If you would like to order 10+ courses then please contact us at or 02476 998 101

Q – I’m booking for someone else. What happens after I order?
A – We’ll contact you to get their details and we’ll set them up on the system.

Q – Is there a test or an assessment at the end?
A – No. These sessions are all about taking action in the workplace and making a difference rather than a memory test.

Q – How long does each session last?
A – The sessions range from 60 seconds through to 5 minutes. The majority of them are 3 minutes.

Q – Do I receive any reference materials?
A – Yes! Each session comes with a one page cheat sheet, the transcript of the session, 3 specific actions to take back in the workplace and some coaching questions about the session for your own line manager to use with you or for you to use them as a self-coaching aid.

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