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Generation Z

Incorporating Generation Z Into Your Workforce

Not much is known about the new, up and coming generation that the media have labelled Generation Z. What we ...
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What You Need to Know

Do You Support The Learning Needs Of Your Workforce?

Of course, one of the most effective ways to establish learning needs for staff is to do an individual training ...
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Why Should Mentoring Have A Greater Influence In L&D?

Mentoring as a long term means of spiritual guidance, personal growth and decision support has been around for a long ...
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man homorgam on hand

What Are The Latest Methods To Evaluate Training?

Modern training evaluation is a combination of the very old and the very new. At the one end of the ...
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concept brains

Why Is Bite-Size Learning SO Important?

It’s not that easy to estimate the size of the bite-size learning industry – as it’s an emerging phenomenon – ...
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4 Ways To Maximise Learner Engagement & Recall

One of the biggest challenges that learning and development professionals face, be that in- house or consultancy side, is maximising learner ...
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E-learning Concept

The Reality Behind The eLearning Hype

eLearning is in the process of reinventing modern training. Using modern elearning authoring tools and technology trainers can now provide ...
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3 Different Styles Of Learning Fit For All Generations

For the first time ever, we are facing a work-force with 5 different generations working alongside each other: Traditionalists, Baby ...
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learning management system

How Should You Select The Right Learning Management System?

L&D professionals are fortunate enough to have an extremely wide selection of learning management systems to choose from on the ...
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